X-Fusion oil level charts and volumes

Year Fork Model Wheel Travel Type
AllMetric RC 180 RC
AllMetric HLR 160 HLR
AllMetric RC 160 RC
AllMetric HLR 180 HLR
AllRVI RC 200 RC
AllRVI RC 180 RC
AllSlant RL2 160 RL2
AllSlide RL2 120 RL2
AllSweep RL2 160 RL2
AllTrace RL2 140 RL2
AllVelvet RL2 140 RL2
2012Vengeance R 170 R
2012Vengeance HLR 170 HLR
2012Vengeance RC 170 RC

Maintenance Each Ride 25 Hrs 50 Hrs 100 / Yearly
Clean dirt and debris from stanchion tubes X
Check air pressure ( Air forks only ) X
Inspect upper tubes for scratches and gouges X
Lubricate dust seals and stanchion tubes X
Check torque on Axle X
Clean or replace (recommended) remote lockout cable and housing X
Remove lowers, clean/inspect bushings and change oil bath if necessary X
Clean and lubricate air spring assembly X
Replace dust wiper and air seals X
DLA cartridge rebuild X
Change oil in damping system X
Clean and lubricate coil spring assembly ( Coil forks only ) X