Fork: DVO Diamond D1 OTT oil volume levels

DVO Diamond OTT All oil volume levels

Damper (Drive Side) Spring (Non-Drive Side)
Upper Tube Lower Leg Upper Tube Lower Leg
Volume (CC) Oil wt. Volume (CC) Oil wt. Volume (Oil Height) Oil wt. Volume (CC) Oil wt.
80cc 2.5wt 35cc 7.5wt 5cc 7.5wt 25cc 7.5wt
* Note: Damper oil: Add 10cc extra wihin oil catch container see: DVO Diamond damper service manual
DVO Diamond airspring service manual *Note: Do not fill to the top. This will cause oil to spill while cycling the cartridge.

Here you'll find the DVO Diamond OTT from year: All oil volume table. All oil volume measurements are taken from the official manufacturers: (DVO) website.

Use our oil volume levels to service your fork yourself. Is your Diamond not as plush it used to be? It might be time for a quick oil change. You can also use our how to video's to learn how to service your own fork. Something wrong in the oil table? Please let us know HERE
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